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Montivory ensures our employees enjoy an excellent experience through working with us, from the welfare & benefits we provide to the activities we create to enhance their skills and knowledge and the career development opportunities we offer.

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Through Montivory’s group insurance scheme, all our employees receive life insurance, OPD, IPD, and dental cover, while we also manage the employees’ social security and workmen's compensation fund. To create opportunities for our employees to recharge and share ideas in the workplace, we also provide a snack bar and beverages. In addition, we host activities such as a New Year Party and company outings to celebrate special events and create unity among employees across the company.

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To ensure that our employees can grow together with the company, we provide knowledge sharing classes and training courses to develop the expertise and enhance the potential of employees at all levels. Because we want the best for our employees, we continue to work towards creating better benefits for everyone in our team.

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